Death Acre Dash
7-16 April 2025

Death Acre Dash

Silent Steps would like to invite you to join us from 7-16 April 2025 on a challenging 9-day adventure. We will guide you through unchartered territories, which include a 5 day/ 100km hiking experience during which the notorious Death Acre in Angola will be attempted (and conquered) by the hikers on foot, while the drivers will put their 4X4 driving skills to the test in maneuvering this treacherous 50km stretch of coastline along the spectacularly beautiful coast of Angola!

Through a union of excellent planning and guidance by Frans de Witt, our very experienced guide and concession holder and Anette Grobler, extreme hiker and adventurer extraordinaire, Silent Steps will once again return to Angola in April 2025, giving 20 hikers and 10 drivers the opportunity to partake in this challenging yet exhilarating adventure of hiking and/or driving the notorious Death Acre as part of a 9-day excursion into Northern Namibia, Angola and the Namib desert.

The Death Acre (Doodsakker) is located on the coast of Angola between the town of Foz do Cunene and the coastal desert town of Tombua. This route is extremely dangerous because the waves crash against the dune face, making it impossible to pass during high tide and the only way through is hiking or driving through at low tide.

The dates chosen by Silent Steps for the 2025 Death Acre Dash ensures the lowest of tides and optimum weather conditions for the area.

Whilst this route proves to be challenging for drivers of 4X4 vehicles, imagine negotiating this terrain on foot!

Hikers will cover an average of 20km per day, for a total of 5 days, starting at the mouth of the Kunene River, hiking the Death Acre, a stretch that can make or break you, and finishing some 100km further in the Namib desert.


R24 000 per person sharing

R26 000 single supplement


Experience a section of the Namib Coastal Desert on foot-
where very few people have walked before

Conquer the Death Acre/ Doodsakker on foot or in a 4X4

Drivers of support vehicles will have the opportunity to put their 4X4 skills to the test in the desert and along the coast- under the guidance of seasoned Portuguese speaking guide and concession holder, Frans de Witt- one of the best guides we have ever encountered on our off-
the-beaten-track trips

For the anglers there will be time to throw a line in the

Experience a part of Angola- its rich and diverse history
and people, it’s arid desert, spectacular coastline and Wildlife

Visit the Christo Rey statue in Lubango

Drive the famous Leba Pass with its hairpin bends
and spectacular scenery

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